3-hour ticket with bath + full body massage

Eager to enjoy a holiday mood? You will find everything you need for a short holiday in “Vichy” Aqua Park.

The park is equipped with 9 the most modern attractions in the Baltic countries, among them is “Yell of Maori”, operating based on the pendulum and allowing to experience weightlessness; and those who want to relax, can spend their time in “Lava” or “Bora Bora” complex of baths. These areas are situated on the third park floor and they invite you to try the five different types of baths, where the visitors can experience the diversity of Polynesian climate. The heated ones can visit “Aoraki Snow” room, where real snowflakes are falling down, and enjoy the pleasures of Jacuzzis.

We also invite you not to miss the chance and enjoy the full body massage. This particular massage intended for people of all ages will effectively relax the whole body, remove tension, soothe and reduce irritation. Natural oil ideally moisturizes, nourishes, regenerates and rejuvenates the skin.

Unforgettable entertainment and relaxation are waiting for you!


Present is intended to

1 person


Validity term

3 months


Entertainment duration

3 hours

40 min full body massage of „Turkish hamam“ salon.



Bathing suit/bathing trunks, flip-flop, towel


Other information

TTicket is valid for the Sauna and Entertainment zones, too. 
Children up to 3 years are allowed free of charge.

Registration is required for massage, tel. 861444567.

The price applies only to electronic tickets. 

32.00 €
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Ozo st. 14 C, Vilnius

Ph 24/7 118 (0,43 EUR / 1,5 Lt/ min)
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