4 hours ticket for youth (6 - 17 years): entertainment area

„Vichy“ water park is a real paradise of the water entertainment for our youngest visitors. Here they can enjoy many water entertainments such as huge waving „Dolphins sea“, wavy, flowing through all the park water river, fabulously fun 9 water rides, and last, but not least, created specially for children "Game Island". It features even 8 platforms of different height, which are connected by various tunnels and slides. Is it not amazing?

Enjoy the unforgettable world of water entertainment!


Present is intended to

1 person


Validity term

12 months


Entertainment duration

4 hours



Bathing suit/bathing trunks, flip-flop, towel


Other information

Ticket is valid for the Entertainment Zone only. 

23.00 €
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Ozo st. 14C, Vilnius

Phone: +37052111115, +37065021268 (after 5p.m. and Weekends)
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