4-hours ticket with saunas + classic full body massage + GIFT (facial massage)

Enjoy the pleasures of water and saunas, as well as a full-body classic massage with oil in the Turkish Hammam salon, located on the third floor of “ Vichy“ Aqua Park. As a gift you will be offered a facial massage.

Also in “ Vichy“ Water Park you will have a great opportunity to enjoy tropical  pleasures, try out our water rides with a total length of almost one kilometer, take a lazily ride in “Canoe River“ flow, and everyone who is in the mood for a snack is welcome to visit our bistro. Do not miss the chance to taste delicious drinks at the “Mix“ pool bar just floating in the warm pool water. By the way, we heard people talking that our cocktails are really delicious.

Relax, forget worries and enjoy your short holidays in “ Vichy“ Aqua Park. There is no bad weather here!

For massage advance registration is required, tel. 8 614 44567.


Gift for

1 person


Duration of validity

12 months


Duration of entertainment

4-hour ticket to entertainment and “Lava” sauna areas

40 min. classic full body and face massage



Swimsuit/trunks, slippers, towel


Other information

The ticket is valid for entertainment and “Lava” sauna area.

Children under 18 years of age are not allowed to enter the sauna zone.

Pre-registration for massage is required, tel. 8 614 44567

60.00 €
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Ozo st. 14C, Vilnius

Phone: +37052111115, +37065021268 (after 5p.m. and Weekends)
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