Day admission ticket for children (3-5 years)

Visit to "Vichy" water park will remain for a long time in the memory of our youngest visitors. Here they will have fun on the "Game Island", where they will find even 8 platforms of different height, connected by various tunnels and slides. Here you can shoot water cannons and regulate water streams yourselves. Kids can also enjoy the pleasures of the waves, jumping over them or catching the water streams shooting into the sky.

Unforgettable entertainment and relaxation is waiting for you!


Present is intended to

1 person


Validity term

12 months


Entertainment duration

All day long



Bathing suit/bathing trunks, flip-flop, towel


Other information

Ticket is valid for the Entertainment Zone only. 
The price applies only to electronic tickets. 

12.00 €
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Ozo st. 14C, Vilnius

Ph 118 (I-V 8-17 h., 0,43 Eur)
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