FAMILY seasonal ticket

Warm water and waves, sunny mood and exclusive leisure time are the most pleasant moments of your holidays that Aqua Park Vichy allows you and your family to experience right now!

FAMILY seasonal ticketwill let 3 members of your family (2 adults and 1 child or 1 adult + 2 children) have a rest for just 175 Eur

Need more? Additional seasonal ticket for every child will cost just 55 Eur. They can be purchased at the aqua park at the box office .

Hurry up, the number of seasonal tickets is limited!



Present is intended to

3 person (2 adults and 1 child or 1 adult + 2 children)


Validity term

Till 2019 05 31


Entertainment duration

Unlimited time visit once on every working day of the Aqua Park.



Bathing suit/bathing trunks, flip-flop, towel


Other information

Ticket is valid for the Sauna and Entertainment zones, too.

18+ visitors only are allowed to Lava bath area.

12+ visitors only are allowed to Bora Bora bath area.


After performing your payment, you will get an e-coupon. Please, print it and submit at "Vichy" Aqua Park ticket desk.

You could receive a nominal seasonal card and use it if submitted a seasonal ticket till 31 May 2019. Nominal seasonal cards for a family seasonal ticket are allowed only when visiting all together (a family in full) for a first time.

175.00 €
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Ozo st. 14C, Vilnius

Ph 24/7 118 (0,43 EUR)
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